Just like everyone else, my life as a 24 years old is shaped by the discoveries and mistakes that I have made as a teenager. However, I did grow up as the internet became a household feature, meaning that my life was then displayed for everyone to see, thanks to early social media. I’ve had many websites and blogs about a broad variety of subjects, which were then abandoned as soon as I moved on my next phase. And I did go through many of these… I guess this is some sort of obsessive behaviour, but whenever I’d get into a new subject, I just had to know everything about it – or at least everything I could learn until the next topic appeared. I’ve had websites about LotR, fashion, poetry, Harry Potter, mythical creatures, music, specific bands, paranormal entities, and of course, a very random page because of my very random phase. Luckily I’ve deleted all of these websites as well as old social media accounts, so no one else can see them. It’s hard not to look back and cringe at the things I’ve done – now they are just perpetually haunting my memory at 4am, but I’m sure everyone can relate to this!

Apart from spending a great deal of time on the computer or fighting with my cousin over PS games, I have always enjoyed creating things; games, comic books, writing stories, drawing, painting (badly), acting, designing clothes, playing music, and making toys were a few of my many hobbies. I could entertain myself for hours creating all sorts of things, which is something that as an adult I’ve done less often than I should. I believe that going back to making a website is a great way to motivate myself to be productive as I can share my creations somewhere – even if not with someone, at least a robot will be computing the existence of what I’ve done. I expect my first attempts to be incredibly bad, but the only way to improve is persisting!

You’d think I’ve had enough of exposing myself online, and I would think so to, but here I am starting something relatively new! It’s clear that I enjoy making websites, but I believe that now I can (hopefully) do so in a less embarrassing way, creating some sort of memory vortex as well as document what I’m currently doing, so I can have some fun and maybe look back in the future to see how far I’ve come. I have no clear intentions other than enjoying myself, but hopefully I’ll also be able to connect with people who can relate to whatever I might share, which is one of the benefits of having a website. I hope that if you have somehow found this page you will enjoy it, and if you do, feel free to leave me a message!

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X Ana


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