A Weekend in the Country | Blog

I’ve spent the weekend at Josh’s parents’ house, which was a lovely and welcome break from busy London. We walked around the woods and fields, made some delicious rustic pizzas, watched The Blair Witch Project, and went for a nice long hike up the hill.

Our first walk was around the local woods – a place that I’m quite familiar with. Part of it was covered by bluebells; so many that it looked like a purple carpet was covering the floor underneath the trees. The second half of the woods looks like a place out of Middle Earth: big and unusual shaped trees as well as great pieces of log along the way.

FullSizeRender (10).jpg

At night we got the family together to make pizza. Josh’s mum had bought a variety of toppings so we could make them using all of our favourite ingredients. Josh and I were also sneakily snacking on the cheese and pepperoni slices, so I’m surprised that we had enough by the time that the dough was ready!


On Sunday we decided to burn the previous night’s calories by walking up a hill, which gives us a view of the sea and the ruins of a Medieval castle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good shot of the castle, but I’ve been there before, so I have some better pictures on my archive. The weather was lovely, and their puppy was happy to dive into the ponds we found whilst walking down the hill. It took us four hours to walk there and back.


The weekend came to an end with me taking the train back to London. I had such a great time there, as always, but the list of things that I have to do here before I leave is gigantic, so I shall get back to it tonight!

I hope you had an equally lovely weekend!
X Ana


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