Recording a Video

Since I first arrived here, I’ve been recording bits and pieces of my days so Josh can see what I’ve been up to. I would usually shoot indoors, eventually getting friends involved. At some point I felt like taking it outside would also be nice, this way he could see the landscape and feel the atmosphere. Those videos became not only a way to keep Josh involved but also a visual journal of my time abroad, which will be nice to watch in the future.

I’ve always liked to record little moments of my life – there are plenty of videos I shot at school or with friends at home when I was younger. I never thought I’d enjoy talking to a camera as there’s something weird about listening to your own voice and seeing yourself as other people do. Weirdly enough, I’m not bothered by this anymore! I’ve created a channel a while ago, just in case it came handy when it comes to mix things up a little in this blog, but since I’ve been enjoying making those daily videos, I’ve decided to start using that channel as well as writing here.

I’m not exactly sure where this is going, but the main thing is that I’m having fun! I enjoy putting the footage together and looking back at it, so I shall be doing more of that. I also want to turn some of my posts into videos, just bear with me while I get used to it! I’m learning as a go, so feel free to give me some feedback! I’m also aware that I look painfully awkward, but this is the first time that I talked to a camera not knowing who’s going to watch it.


X Ana


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