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I’ve always had a thing for postcards and letters, on top of being a rather curious person. This led me to get some old ones whenever I had the chance. I’ve recently found the first antique ones I’ve ever bough as well as some which were sent to family members. I’ve decided to share two of them as they are, in my opinion, the most beautiful ones in this lot. Unfortunately I don’t speak German, but if someone would like to help me understanding what they said, that’d be lovely!


Antique postcards as easily found in the UK. In London, my place of choice is always Spitalfields Market (on Thursdays!). There’s also a small shop in Brick Lane that sells all sorts of antiques and curiosities, and they have quite a few boxes of old postcards and photographs. I can’t remember the name, but if you walk down from the bagel shops, you’ll easily spot it in the same side of the street a few doors down. Trust me, it’s worth checking out!


The oldest of these two postcards seems to be from 1919 (It only says “19”, but the front of it is a photograph, so it couldn’t possibly be from 1819), the other from 1921. Both writings are stunning, and I’d love to know who wrote them, to whom, and what is being told. Being unfamiliar with the language makes it impossible to find out, even more so in the first one as the writting gets smaller and smaller as it goes. It seems like they had a lot to say. It was sent just as the Great War came to an end, so I wonder if the content has any mentions of it. The second cards is very clear to read for someone who speaks German, but as I don’t, it’s hard to guess some of the letters.

Let me know if you have at any point bought an old postcard, if you’d like to, or if you can help me with these!

X Ana


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