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A while ago I’ve written about how hard it is to make new friends, so it’s quite clear that I was not expecting to meet the lovely people I’ve met this summer – which was actually winter, seeing as I’ve been in Brazil. I was counting the days to meet one of my best friends again; she went to London just before the New Year but didn’t stay long, so it only made me miss her company even more so. Once I arrived, she introduced me to her new friends, who turned out to be the kindest people I could have possibly encounter. We met almost every weekend, and I must say that they were very well spent. We got to enjoy our last day together in a small house party – just five of us – playing pool, drinking wine, sake, and a terrible cocktail that sounded a lot better in theory. I’m sad to leave them behind, but happy to know that my friend’s in such great company and being looked after by such lovely people!


I’ve also made another friend, in a rather unusual way. I find it really hard to ask new people if they’d like to meet up, but Beatriz and I had been talking through comments on Instagram and Facebook before I even came to Brazil, so after meeting in a bar, we talked about how both of us didn’t send a proper message out of something like shyness. I then decided to invite her over for tea, and was pleasantly surprised to find out how much we have in common! There are few people to whom I can talk to for over ten hours and still have topics to discuss. From then on we kept in touch, and although we haven’t had much time together, I now consider her a very good friend of mine. We’ve spend our last day together drinking tea, reading Keats, listening to Maria Callas, and wishing we could sing “Der Hölle Rache” – for what use, we don’t know. As sad as it is to say goodbye, I know that I’ve made a great friend who I will meet again soon enough.


Being homesick is not very nice, but being surrounded by lovely people makes it a lot easier! I am now ready to go to Italy and see what’s waiting for me there – will I be as lucky as I’ve been here? I surely hope so!

X Ana


2 thoughts on “Making New Friends | Blog

  1. Hey!
    totally understand it’s so hard to make friends! i moved to london a year ago and really struggle to find people with similar interests…
    Love your blog btw


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