A Very Brief Update | Blog

I have finally arrived in Italy. Although my journey here was delayed for a couple of months, it was worth waiting. I’m staying in a lovely town by the mountains in the north. The weather is still very truthful to the summertime, which means that I’m only able to explore the area once the sun goes down – or when it’s hiding behind a cloud. The pictures above were taken less than half an hour ago, just outside my temporary home. I’m hoping to go for a walk during the week, and I shall share more of it when I do.

I’ve been catching up on the books I’ve brought and trying – but not succeeding -to write. I haven’t been sleeping much, but now that I’ve found a cellar nearby, I imagine that I’ll finally be able to shut my eyes for longer than an hour. Honestly, having some wine whilst relaxing in a bubble bath will surely put me to sleep!

I’ll try and film a video soon, but also be sure to share pictures and information on the places I get to explore!

X Ana


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