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As you can imagine, I have a lot of time in my hands. It easy to get bored when you are not allowed to leave the house at any given time, so I’ve been catching up with some books, watching films, sketching, and developing a project. I won’t discuss said project now, but if it works out, expect something exciting!

As I’ve mentioned before, my drawing skills leave much to desire, so don’t judge me too hard! Maybe you can guess who this is supposed to be, but I won’t specify as I believe my drawing to be an offence to his beauty. And in case you’re wondering, the book I’m reading at the moment is To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be seeing two very dear friends of mine. They are coming to spend an extended weekend with me in the city of Bergamo. I haven’t seen them since May, so saying that I’m looking forward to our reunion would be to underestimate my excitement. They have rented a lovely place in the Old Town, which should be the best part of Bergamo.

I also have finally managed to shoot a video. I seem a lot more timid due to the circumstances; as if talking to a camera wasn’t hard enough, I am now sharing the house and don’t want others to hear me talking to the camera. I promise I’ll do my best to get used to my surroundings and improve my content and behaviour.

On the subject of better content, I’m making a list of topics to write and talk about. If you have any recommendations, do let me know! I don’t consider myself an expert in all the subjects I like to discuss, but I enjoy sharing my thoughts about them. I don’t think I’m the best person when it comes to writing reviews, but I’d gladly do so if someone wishes to read them. My main ideas are to shoot more Books and Films videos, write about literary movements, English History, traditions, and people I admire for one reason or another.

Until my next post, have a lovely week!

X Ana


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