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Sunday, 7am. We grew tired of staying in the village, so going to this nearby town appeared to be the best way to spend the day. There was no time for breakfast, so we quickly made our way to the newsagent in order to buy our bus tickets, but once we got there… it was shut! We then proceeded to ask around, and turns out that not only there are no places to buy tickets on Sunday, but the bus also doesn’t come by. Not willing to give up, our best chance was to walk to the nearest train station and try our luck there. We walked for about an hour under the sun until we finally found a small and rather empty train station. Thankfully, they had direct trains to Bergamo.

We weren’t able to rest until we arrived at Citta Alta – the historic part of town. There are easier ways to get there, but everything was extremely busy, so we opted for the stairs. As tiring as it was, the view justified our choice as it was absolutely breathtaking! We also had a vast options of restaurants to choose from – not having breakfast, eating was our priory at that moment.

We had a lovely bottle of some local white wine and a proper plate of Italian homemade pasta – just what we needed after a long and tiring journey. There was live music and fresh air, not to mention the lovely waitress who was ever so sweet. Still, we didn’t want to spend the day sitting down at the restaurant, so as soon as the meal was over, we made our way to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, which was directly behind us.

I may not be a religious person, but I do find churches quite beautiful, especially old ones. At first I felt a bit rude to have my camera out, but once I noticed that everyone else was taking pictures, I decided that it wasn’t all that disrespectful towards the few ones who weren’t. And I’m quite glad I did so, because I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t have something to remind me of that beautiful ceiling!

The rest of our day involved in pretty much walking around, admiring our surroundings, and enjoying some gelatto. I’m going back to Bergamo in a couple of weeks time as my two lovely friends, Imogen and Yvonne, are coming to see me before I go back to the UK. I’ll make sure to take more pictures, because the ones I have really do no justice to this town’s beauty.

X Ana


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