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“This lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty, with the exception of the arbutus islands of Killarney. It is long and narrow, and has the appearance of a mighty river winding among the mountains and the forests” Percy Bysshe Shelley

Now that we have more time in our hands, the other guest and I decided to visit Lake Como. It’s not too far away from where we’re staying, so a day journey was very much possible. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I didn’t know much about the place, only that it’s one of the largest and deepest lakes in Europe – and that Shelley once owned a house there. On the other hand, the other guest had written down places to see and explore around the area, so we were not as lost as we were in Milan.

We arrived at Varenna and took a boat to Belaggio. I knew straight away that this was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to. Pictures do no justice to how grand it all really is – the mountains seem rather small and the water not clear enough. I knew that one day would not be enough, yet I had to make the most of it.

We walked along the water for a while, trying to take it all in. Eventually we had to make a turn and find a place to eat. My only demand was to eat somewhere overlooking the lake. We walked past many restaurants, but one in particular caught my eyes. It was a small veranda covered by plants and right by the water. We decided that this occasion deserved some sort of celebration, so we ordered something to pop along with our food.


After lunch, I decided to walk up one of the narrow ways and have a better look at the architecture – the lake had my full attention and I kept forgetting to look up. I regretted that we were there for a limited time, because there were many places I wished to stop by and spend some time at. Particularly a old fashioned bar – the crowd seemed great and the music was just brilliant. But admiring the buildings was enough.

With little time left until our train was due, we returned to Varenna and had a short walk around there. It wasn’t as busy as Belaggio, so the walk was quite pleasant. Apparently there’s a castle there, but we didn’t have much time to find it, so I spent most of my time by another house which was already quite beautiful.

Lake Como is my favourite places in Italy so far, and I think it will be hard to find a place here that I’ll like just as much. It was a remarkable day and I hope to be able to return in the near future with Josh – it does look like the perfect place for a romantic getaway. I am now departing to Bergamo to meet two dear friends from London who are coming to see me, so I’m sure that I’ll have more to share soon.

If you have the chance to, please visit Como Lake. You won’t regret it!



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