A Few Days Away – Part I | Blog

My dear friends Imogen and Yvonne came to join me for a few days in Italy. They found the most fantastic house in Bergamo, which became our very comfortable home during the time we spent together. We had seen picture before, but were not expecting it to be as lovely as it was.

Tired from our journeys, we decided to spend the first few hours catching up over a few glasses of wine. I cannot express how happy I was to finally be reunited with my friends, and in such a stunning place. This house has belonged to the same family since the 1800s, and all its furniture dates from the 19th century up until the 70s.

It is also full memories from the owners; letters, photographs, postcards, trophies, books, and sketchbooks. We were shocked to see that they kept it all there, but happy to know that they were willing to share so many great things with their guests.

After spending a few hours appreciating the house and talking about what happened during the time we were apart, we decided to go out for dinner. We pushed it a bit far and probably had more wine than we should, but it was a delightful evening. We finished our meal and stumbled down the streets back to the flat, where we talked some more, danced a lot more, and took some inebriated pictures. It was a brilliant evening to start our holidays.





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