A Few Days Away – Part II | Blog

We woke up early and decided to explore the town straight away. As I’ve been there before, I suggested we should take a look at the churches – they are all absolutely incredible and there are too many details to be seen in just one visit. We stayed in the piazza for a little longer, trying to decide what to do next.

I hadn’t yet walked past the piazza, so it seemed like a good idea. We were following the brown signs, as they usually mean that something interesting can be found by the end of the path. I must say that some of them were deceiving, and we ended up at places that didn’t seem at all like a tourist attraction. Perhaps is because everything’s so beautiful that it’s hard to tell when one thing is more relevant than the other. We found ourselves near what we thought to be the end of it, but Imogen said that she had seen in the map that there was a botanical garden nearby, so there was no question of where to go next.


It was a long walk, but the view and the actual garden were worth it. We also found a friendly local cat who was having a brilliant time rolling in the dirt. I’m already jealous of cats, but being one and living in such an amazing place is just heaven.

We stayed there for a while, still talking and taking pictures while admiring our surroundings. I honestly think that one can spend a whole day at the Botanical Gardens and still don’t see it all. I’m sure we didn’t, but that’s also due to our eyes being caught by everything from the plants to the clouds.


We then decided to return to the house before going out again for dinner. Another perk of our holiday home was the location; I’ve never seen some many good restaurants so close together. We took our time getting ready and went to an interesting establishment that we had seen earlier on – antique bottles will always attract me. The food was excellent and the restaurant was everything we had expected, but being as tired as we were, we decided to go back and rest so the next day could be cherished as much.




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