A Few Days Away – Part III | Blog

This is probably my final post on the subject for now. We took a few days to take some pictures and another to say good-bye to the house, but on the day before we left, Imogen and I explored the town a little further.


Yvonne wasn’t feeling very well, so after eating at home, Imogen and I decided to go back to the highest part of Citta Alta and see what else was there. We had been to the castle before, but apparently there were other things to be seen.

Behind our house, there was a small park and what looked like a fort – which is now a war museum. Unfortunately the museum was closed, so we just took our time admiring the garden.

We stopped for some wine and were on our way to explore what seemed to be an easy and obvious path. Turns out that the path wasn’t that obvious and somehow the map didn’t match the area – we were standing between three streets and only one was part of the guide. Nevertheless, we decided that the view was worth it and walked around the mountains instead. We managed to find our way back by following the general direction that should take us to the castle, and that worked out well enough!

When the time came for us to rest our legs, we found a restaurant with a veranda facing the whole of Bergamo, which was perfect for the occasion. Imogen and I stayed there for a while before going back to our “usual pub” and meeting Yvonne for our last night out.


I can’t express how happy I am that I got to spend such brilliant days with my dear friends! Now I’m just eager to go home and not have to say good-bye.



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