Another Week, Another Home | Blog

I have moved yet again. I am now in a even smaller place, but in a much better town and in great company. There are two more guests here, and they are both lovely people. It took me less than half an hour to become friendly with one of them.
Her father is an art dealer and she worked with antiques for a few years. She also loves poetry – although fonder of the American school – and likes the same kind of music that I do. We’ve already spent a few nights reading Poe, recommending books to each other, and having countless cups of tea.

It’s starting to get cold, and some mornings have the temperature as low as 3 degrees. I have been feeling a bit low lately, probably because I’m missing home, but the weather adds up to the gloomy atmosphere – and I quite like it. I guess that it’s comforting to be down when the surroundings are suitable. Although I’m counting the days to go home, being in good company makes the situation easier to deal with.


There is an abandoned house nearby. I usually watch it early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Sometimes I see an old man taking a pack of beagles for a walk around it, but never any lights coming from the inside. I got slightly closer to it today, but there’s no path leading to the house, so I had to turn back as it’s been raining and the ground is quite dirty. I should try again when the rain stops – I’m really quite curious about it!


In regards to my videos, I haven’t shot anything since the last – mainly due to the lack of light and my noisy surroundings – but I have some ideas written down. I should get back to it as soon as possible!



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