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I am home at last! After five months away, I have finally returned to the UK. I arrived on the 9th of November and have been on the move ever since. I truly missed walking in the woods, spending time with my loved ones, drinking tea in the garden, visiting my favourite bookshops, and all the small things we take for granted.

My friend Karin and I met in London on the 5th and went to the Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair together. It was absolutely brilliant, but hard not to give in to temptation. A couple of days before the event, Josh gave me a 1835 copy of Coleridge, Keats, and Shelley’s work – which I’ll talk about in the near future. It has some interesting signatures as well as an old newspaper clip attached to the last couple of pages. I showed some pictures of it to one of the book dealers at the fair, hoping that he’d be able to help me find out more about who owned this book and if the article is the one I think it may be. He told me I could bring the book over to his shop, which I might do before writing more about it here.


I ‘ve also moved to a new house! Living in London can be great, but Josh and I felt like we needed a break from the city. It’s been exciting and exhausting at the same time. We lived in the same house for three years, and before that I never really had to furnish whatever property I decided to call home. My office is slowing coming together, but I need a bookshelf as soon as possible. Hopefully it will be complete before the winter’s over – the window overlooks the garden and I’m expecting to see some snow though it!

Moving from London doesn’t necessarily means leaving it behind; I have a meeting there on Tuesday and, if everything goes well, I’ll be in the city at least once a week. I’ll also be there on Saturday to see my friend Lili and to visit some galleries. I often had the urge to do so when I was abroad, forgetting that I no longer had it all on my doorstep.

All I can say now is that it feels good to be back!


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