My Thoughts on 2016

My initial plan was to illustrate a post with pictures from 2016 as a personal retrospective, but upon seeing how many people seem to strongly opposed to this year, sharing my thoughts before getting to my personal endeavours seemed more appropriated.

Every social media is full of those who blame 2016 for everything bad that has happened. Sure, we’ve lost loved ones, idols, innocent people, and a fair bit of freedom, but in no way this is 2016’s fault. It seems awfully ignorant to blame the year for whatever happens in this period of time while expecting the next one to magically fix itself. If you’re unhappy about something, change it. If it’s not in your power to do so, work towards it. Things will not naturally improve if no one acts towards it. Some people seem to have the idle idea that everything will get better as soon as the clock hits midnight and the new year starts. The new year will do nothing for anyone unless they use this time to do something themselves.

War, disease, inequality, an unwanted person representing your country, new deals going against your morals, these are society’s responsibilities. It all may have happened within a year, but it doesn’t mean the same been somewhat cursed. People should use the bad factors of 2016 to fight for something better in the years to follow.
This will not be a year marked in my mind for its downside, and I’d like to share the factors that I am grateful for:

In 2016 I have seen my family and friends for the first time in four years. I recovered my confidence and got over the trauma that made me not want to share my thoughts. My sister has beaten cancer in 2016, and was finally able to go home and resume her life. My partner found his passion after struggling with his objectives, and was at last able to materialise some of his ideas. I had the opportunity to visit a new place, become acquainted with a different culture, and call it my home for three months. I have succeeded in taking one step closer to my dream job. In 2016 I decided to stop being the only person getting in my own way. I was able to focus on what’s important to me, and what I want to fight for from that moment on. And these are just a few things.

Looking on a greater and less selfish scale, in 2016 child mortality went down all over the world, inequality exposure has been greater than ever, chemotherapy breakthroughs have increased life expectancy of cancer patients, many animals have increased their population and are no longer in risk extinction, the ozone layer is repairing itself, more and more people ceased to be quiet about injustice, new generations are becoming more involved and aware of the importance of understanding politics due to the mass exposure that happened this year, and the list goes on.

A year is what we make of it, and 2017 will be great if we work towards improvement. Some things can’t be undone, but there’s always a way to turn the tables. Here is for a year of further achievements. Happy new year!



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