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I intended to start this year by posting on this blog more regularly, but at last I became busy and most of my spare time has been dedicated to my research. Busy, however, is something that I welcome with great joy; during the summer I had succumbed to ennui, and the lethargy of my life had become quite unbearable. It was only after joining the Kenwood team that I saw myself occupied with a relevant role. Suddenly I felt my mind bursting with desired to explore and express new ideas, which resulted in a much more productive period.

At Kenwood I have talked to many inspiring people who, unknowingly, helped me with fragments that can be useful to my research. In one occasion, I was called by chance by a lady who wanted to know if Shelley had ever visited the house. Although I’ve never seen any information to prove otherwise, I explained her that it was highly unlikely due to the scandals that followed his name. She proceeded to tell me that she had found some journals of a past relative who often talked about Shelley. This relative in question was apparently the one who taught him Italian, but before she could give me a name we were interrupted by other enquiring visitors who were looking for one specific Reynolds painting. She left before I could resume our conversation, which in a way made me rather disappointed.

Going to London on a weekly basis means that not only I’m able to work at a place that I adore, but it also allows me to see my friends. Although I truly love my new house, the location means that I’m often deprived from my friend’s company. I don’t mind being on my own, but I prefer to have a choice when it comes to this matter. Hampstead quickly became our meeting point, and now my dear friends and I decided to have our weekly meetings around the area. Last week we went to one of my favourite pubs, The Wells, after stopping at the Crafts and Antiques Market and Keith Fawkes for some books. I must mention that I was very good and didn’t buy any! That hardly ever happens, so I’m proud to share this moment. Tomorrow the idea is to walk around the heath and enjoy a drink by the ancient woods. Hopefully the weather will allow us to do so.

I guess that this post was a an informal update on what I’ve been doing and plans for the near future. I shouldn’t commit myself, but I’ll do my best to post as regularly as I can. I hope whoever reads it is having a great start of 2017!



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