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Since I moved from London, I haven’t been able to meet people from my local area. I am living in the kind of place where everyone has made their acquaintances while growing up, which means that I’m only able to be with friends whenever I go to London or when they find the time to come to me. I tried to think about different ways to connect with new people who share at least some of my interests, and the first one that came into my mind was to join a book club. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any in my area, but did come across a few covering the general county. However, these are focused on the kind of books that give me no pleasure (YA, contemporary crime etc.), therefore it would be pointless to join any of them. However, nothing was stopping me from starting my own book club.


My friend Suzana and I have always read similar pieces, which is why I decided to seek her first. She promptly agreed, and we proceeded to read Sense and Sensibility – a book that both of us have read in the past, but never actually discussed it. I soon invited three other friends who had manifested interested in reading more, and now the book club seems to be taking form. We are focusing on 18th-19th century Literature, choosing a book every month and answering a few questions before discussing it in a designate page created by ourselves. It would be ideal if we could all meet in person and talk through it over numerous cups of tea, but seeing that only two of us live in the UK, that would be a difficult task.

Although the point of being in a book club was for me to meet new people, I am quite content with discussing our picks with those who I’ve known for quite some time. I am also writing about this not only to update my blog, but also to leave an open invite to anyone who may wish to join us. If this idea starts to expand, we may then come up with a more organised way to communicate and archive our discussions, but until then it’s all very casual. I am considering writing a piece on each discussion we have, combining our answers and providing a review of some sort. I won’t make any promises, but if everything goes as plan, it may be a monthly series to share on this blog.

Do let me know if this is something interesting for you; joining us or just reading about it.



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