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J– and I moved here during the winter, when the undeniably cold wind made it hard for us to find pleasure walking by the seaside. Most of our days were spent indoors, which is something that I don’t mind as long as I have chosen so myself. Being bounded to a solemn place always makes me slightly miserable, so when the weather started to improve I was quick to resume my walks.


I have been fortunate enough to welcome a few friends during the last couple of months, and taking them to the beach is always part of the plan. It only takes us a ten minutes walk to reach the nearest one, making it an easy stop even when our time is limited by the uncertainty of the British weather. When Imogen and Yvonne were visiting a few weeks ago, we were mislead by what seemed to be a bright day and decided to walk a few miles by the sea. We were eventually defeated by the wind. It was a lovely day nonetheless, but a different path would have been more sensible.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

My friend Maria was my most recent visitor. We were able to spend a lovely day in the garden discussing Literature, ideas, and future projects. Before the clouds took over the sky we made our way to the beach where we read Keats and drank wine.


With J– working as hard as he does, it gets lonely every now and then. There is plenty to be seen around here and I do enjoy sharing it with friends, so we are hoping to have company more often as the Summer approaches. I’m also looking forward to extend my walks as well as to be able to work outside – the wind is surely not helpful when you’re carrying books and sheets of paper.


Currently reading: Shelley: the Pursuit by Richard Holmes.


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