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Our original plan was to visit St Pancras and look for the Words in the Water bookshop, but when the sun came out we just couldn’t leave Hampstead.

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I met Imogen and Yvonne as I finished my shift at Kenwood, but before walking through the Heath we decided to stop for our usual drinks at Ginger and White. A couple of weeks apart seemed more like a few months, and there was much to catch up on. I should also mention that it was a particularly good day for dogs-watch – and to try and convince Yvonne to get one.

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We still had an hour or so before Katie was able to join us, so we decided to check some of the charity and book shops near the station, but saving our favourite to visit with Katie as we knew she would appreciate it.
With a little more time to kill, I took my friends to the Valley of Health, where we found an empty house in need of some love and care. For a moment we stepped out of reality and discussed what we’d do with said location. Frankly, I’d move there in a heartbeat! The location is ideal if you need to be near London; it takes no time to reach the City but it has the peaceful feeling of the countryside.

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I can never get over the beautiful houses around the Heath. While making our way back to Flask Walk, we found another beautiful cottage and could not resist taking some pictures of Imogen in front of it. Luckily no one came out of the door as it would have been slightly odd – although I imagine that they get that all the time.

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Once Katie arrived we finally visited Keith Fawkes, where I bought more books than I should have. We were also lucky enough to get a nice table at the Flask where we were able to enjoy the sunlight. We have all been fairly busy lately, but the initial plans were made for some short holidays around the country. After finding a list of lesser known country walks I’ve been aching to get away. In fact, I’ve been meaning to go somewhere for a few months now, but the circumstances have not helped, so here is something to look forward to!

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