New Job and Early Spring


I’ve just completed my first week of work in my new job and I must say that I loved every bit of it! Not only I’m working on an estate that I know well and care about, but I’m also lucky enough to be surrounded by ancient woods and rich wildlife. On Friday I spent the early hours at work with a lovely little robin who kept tweeting and hoping right in front of me. I can’t begin to compare it with my old job, where I started the day by having to listen to empty gossip and complains about the superficial matters.

Talking about the weather, there are daffodils and snowdrops appearing throughout the estate. I also saw hares playing on the grass and flowers blooming in the bushes. It seems like Spring is almost here, yet we are told that snow is coming our way during the week. I wouldn’t mind having some snowy days before it gets warm as we hardly had any this year, but at the same time, I do really love Spring!



On a completely different topic, January was a good reading month. I enjoyed all of the books I’ve read, especially Penguin’s Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales. I’m actually searching for similar books as this is something that I very interested in, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way! Although I’d like to focus on Scottish folklore, I’m currently reading a book of Welsh supernatural stories. The writing is not great, but the stories are rather intriguing.

Talking about Scotland, I’m visiting friends in Glasgow in a couple weeks! I’m going for the weekend only, but this will give us time to catch up, visit Loch Lomond and explore the town. I am planning on going for a longer period of time, but right now a weekend is the only time I have to spare.

I hope you have an excellent January and I’ll be back soon with a January wrap up or more pictures of the woods!

leaf3 Ana




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